1. to feed the poor
  2. to trust in God
  3. that racism is never OK
  4. to pray always
  5. how to handle anxiety
  6. how to conquer fear
  7. that reading is important
  8. that a smile is always your best accessory
  9. that keeping things simple is a good idea
  10. that stuff does not matter
  11. that people do matter
  12. that God’s word does not return void
  13. to show others grace
  14. that you can be friends with lots of different kinds of people
  15. to say no and not feel bad about it
  16. to say yes and not feel bad about it
  17. that we can be in control of our emotions
  18. to lead our hearts not follow them (borrowed from the movie Fireproof)
  19. that hard work is not something to be avoided
  20. that family matters
  21. good manners
  22. not to worry to pray instead
  23. that a happy heart really is good medicine
  24. to be a good neighbor
  25. to seek peace whenever possible
  26. to say sorry and mean it
  27. to exercise
  28. to eat lots of vegetables
  29. to be careful about what you listen to and read
  30. to practice hospitality
  31. to tell people the good things you know to be true about them
  32. that gossiping is not OK
  33. that our actions really do impact others
  34. to avoid debt
  35. to value the simple things in life
  36. that greed is an enemy of the heart
  37. that fear is the enemies greatest weapon
  38. to be bold
  39. to trust their instincts
  40. what a real friend is
  41. how to stay committed to and in love with your spouse
  42. how to have fun for free
  43. that too much TV keeps a family from enjoying each other
  44. that pity parties do not solve problems
  45. that actions really do speak louder than words
  46. that a job well done is satisfying
  47. not to depend on the “experts”
  48. that there is value even in those who annoy you
  49. that God loves us all the time
  50. that when we talk bad about ourselves to ourselves the enemy is delighted
  51. to believe the best about others
  52. that most problems prove to be temporary
  53. that God listens and cares
  54. that picking up after yourself is not a chore, it’s normal
  55. that serving your family can be a joy
  56. that spiritual warfare is real
  57. to put on the full armor of God
  58. to rejoice even in the midst of hard times
  59. to limit activities that keep you from your responsibilities
  60. that God loves the world
  61. to accept God’s grace
  62. that God rejoices over us
  63. the difference between being the boss and being bossy
  64. to look on the bright side of things
  65. to accept and learn from failure and/or defeat
  66. to look for the lesson in pain
  67. to take responsibility for their own actions
  68. that the world owes us nothing
  69. not to depend on others to save you
  70. that people make mistakes
  71. to forgive others
  72. to forgive themselves
  73. that good nutrition is not difficult
  74. to be entrepreneurs
  75. to choose their friends wisely
  76. to practice hospitality
  77. to be encouragers
  78. to plan ahead
  79. to look forward to the future
  80. to value people over things
  81. to pray when they are overwhelmed
  82. that making the effort to serve someone is a worthwhile thing
  83. that love does not conquer all unless it’s God’s love
  84. that learning makes life more interesting
  85. that we can see God’s glory in nature
  86. that anyone can be an artist
  87. that the world does not end at our back door
  88. that prayer is our best weapon
  89. to wait patiently
  90. to be an optimist
  91. to believe in their dreams
  92. to look for God’s hand in all things
  93. to embrace the hope of Jesus
  94. that just because something is hard does not mean it can’t be done
  95. not to over commit themselves
  96. to study the Bible
  97. to have compassion
  98. to love the Lord
  99. to love each other
  100. to seek to honor God in all they do