I didn’t mean to take almost a month off from blogging. Really I didn’t. But between June 22 and July 11 I had some seriously exciting real life things happen and no time to write about them!

At first I was pretty stressed about the lack of writing. I want to write! For so many reasons I want to write.

One reason (though not the most compelling reason by far) is that I’ve been reading a lot about blogging. And one of the first rules of successful blogging is that you must blog consistently, publishing posts at regular intervals.

I kinda blew that one didn’t I?

I realized I’d blown it and then I realized something else…blogging is a rubber ball.

I’m not sure where it originated but I love the idea of imaging your work and your relationships, health and family as balls you’re always juggling.

The work ball is rubber. All the others are glass. If you drop the rubber ball it bounces back. Drop the others and they will be damaged, maybe even shattered.

The exciting stuff that was/is going on in my life are glass balls. I can’t wait to tell you about the things that are happening and the changes God is using to stretch and grow us. And I will, I’ll get there. I’ll make time.

But time is something you only have so much of.

I’m so glad that when I dropped the ball it was blogging…it was rubber.

I’ve missed writing and I’m glad to be back to it. But I’m also pleased that I’ve learned to take care of my family, my health and my relationships first.