Several months ago I looked around and realized a few things that Ieft me pretty discouraged.

  • I have a ton of workout clothes…but I wear them as pajamas because I don’t actually workout consistently.

  • I own several gardening books…but I don’t garden.

  • I own several cookbooks that represent many different ideas on healthy eating…but really I just eat the same old things I’ve always eaten.

  • I have a lot of books on home decor and home improvement…but no real dedication to any of the projects on my list.

  • And last…and this is the one that’s changed…I have tons of resources on missions and teaching kids about missions..but had never been on a mission trip.

simply in season

When I made these observations my initial thought was, “I live a totally fake life in my own head. The kind of life where I workout, eat healthy homegrown food, have a lovely home and serve people in the name of Jesus worldwide.”

Doesn’t that life sound great? It does to me!

That’s why I’ve decided that I’ve got to make some changes. I don’t want to live a fake life. Don’t get me wrong…I have a great life…but I know that there are things I want that I’m just too lazy to go get.

Going on the missions trip taught me a few things. (More on that later.) One of the things I learned is that the extra effort you put into something that seems difficult is worth it.

So this is me…putting in a little more effort and praying that a little turns into a lot more effort.  No more lazy bones! No more fake life.