The hardest part about my mission trip to Ghana was coming home. Not just coming home…being home. That first few weeks I was an emotional wreck.

ghana church in sing

My plane landed in the States on a Tuesday afternoon over spring break. My youngest didn’t have school. My oldest didn’t have his homeschool enrichment program to go to. Church was canceled that Wednesday and Sunday due to crazy snow. So aside from my own family…I didn’t see anyone for 5 or 6 days.

I needed the down time and I was grateful for it. But I didn’t realize how cocooned I had been from the rest of my world…from my friends. Monday morning “back to life” was a shock.

ghana clinic in sawla

I got my youngest where he needed to go and was walking with my oldest into the front door of the enrichment program. He went left to go to class and I kept walking right out the back door. By the time I reached it I was in tears.

So what happened that was so traumatic between the front door and the back door?


I didn’t know how to sum things up. I didn’t know how to answer honestly. And I didn’t know that I didn’t know. So it took me by surprise. And it was overwhelming.

ghana learning to play the drums

I’ve since processed through most of it and will attempt to answer the following questions in my next several posts.

•What was your favorite thing about Africa?

•What was the hardest thing about being there?

•Did you meet anyone that you’ll never forget?

•What did God teach you while you were there?

•What was the ministry like?

•Do you feel called to go back?

Like I said, the hardest part about the trip was those first few weeks home. But I think I’ve processed enough of the information to share now. Finally!