Valentine’s Day has come and gone. My family had a great day. We ate heart shaped pizza and chocolate chip cookies, cut lots of paper hearts and laughed through the taking of family photos. Like, I said, it was a great day, full of love and smiles.


It’s funny how a good day can get you thinking about the bad ones. Last year was tough for my entire family. My sister and I lost her best friend and our Dad to cancer, just weeks apart, my pastor of over a decade stepped down unexpectedly…and those are just the things I’m at liberty to share. There were days that I found myself wanting to run away or hide, days full of anger and soaking wet with tears. But through it all I was held. The Creator of the world and everything in it held me in His hands and He held me together even when I wanted to fall apart.

The most difficult week I faced last year was in June. I turned 38 on Wednesday. On Friday I got the call about my dad dying. On Sunday my pastor resigned. A week that started with joy ended in devastation. But you know what…God was the same that Wednesday as He was that Friday as He was that Sunday as He was on Valentine’s Day as He is today. He is faithful and He can be trusted.

We’re now several weeks into 2014 and I’m hopeful that this year will be better but even if it’s not I still know that I am held.