Archives for the month of: March, 2014

I’ve recently rediscovered journaling with images and art…not just words. And have been wondering, “When did I forget how much I love this?”



While I don’t feel at liberty to share the new stuff I’m doing, I thought I’d share some images from an art journal I kept several years ago.



They’re nothing fancy. But still I love looking at them.


I love the way the images and text tell me my story and help me remember. Even when all I wrote was a to do list!



I am so excited to be back at using creativity to express myself! And while the pages of my life and the style of my art looks different now, art journaling is that same old comfortable love that I remember.


I’ve been spending lots of time with these paints lately and that makes me very happy.


I love to create and share art, but my recent projects have been for an audience of One.

That’s difficult for me. It’s almost like if I don’t share it, it doesn’t count. In reality what we do to worship and honor God is what counts most.

What I think He wants me to learn is that not only is He enough, He is audience enough.