He knew He must do it

So He died for me

I didn’t deserve it

His gift was free

He hung on a cross

My Savior chose death

To pay for my sin

He gave his last breath

He hung there and died

With His heart full of sorrow

He did this for me

And my eternal tomorrow

For another solution

In the garden He prayed

But He did not retreat

And so I am saved

Oh how He must love me

And value my life

To give me this offering

Of sacrifice

But it wasn’t enough

For Jesus to die

He came back to life

Once three days went by

He died on the cross

So I could be free

And He came back to life

To live inside me

My Savior’s alive

Let us rejoice

Lift up your hands

Lift up your voice

Yes, I said us

And I said you

See friend, He died

And He lives for you too

Penny Fairman, 2000