What is Dandelion Dear?

Fair question! There are two answers.

First, Dandelion Dear is the name of this blog. This is a place where I intend to share my life, my story and the things I’m learning along the way.

But I could’ve given this blog any of a dozen or more other names. So why this one? Why Dandelion Dear?

Because I believe that more often than not we think of ourselves as weeds.

No one likes weeds. We want to be roses. Roses are red after all. You rarely, if ever, hear children singing little songs or making up poems about weeds.

A weed is a wild plant growing where it is not wanted and in competition with cultivated plants.

Often we feel just like weeds don’t we? We feel like we’re not wanted, like we’re in the way.

Why do we think so little of ourselves?

Every woman you’ve ever known who has ever thought of herself as less than she is, is Dandelion Dear.

We are not weeds! We are flowers. God has planted us and cultivated us. We are loved and wanted. He has created us uniquely to do the work that He’s prepared in advance for us to do!

If you take literally the definition of a weed that I’ve given above, then a rose growing in my vegetable garden could be considered a weed. It’s a matter of perspective. And if we change our perspective we can change our lives.

I believe that life is good because God loves us!

And I believe that He has more for us than we could ever ask or imagine!

Dandelion, dear, you’re a flower not a weed!