I grew up in a tiny little town in the Oklahoma panhandle. It was the kind of place that you had to drive 10 miles (across state line) just to get gas or groceries. We had a school, a post office, a cafe…and I think that might be it. Maybe a convenience store. We had one police officer.

I loved living out in the country. I remember snakes, and trains and tumble weeds, being barefoot and catching lots of frogs.

From there my family moved to Las Vegas, NV. I was 10. Talk about culture shock!

In my teens we moved to the suburbs of Kansas City and I’ve been here ever since. (Well mostly!)

Anyway, none of the above is my point. Just a little background to help me get to my point.

I have a love/hate relationship with tornadoes (you would too if you grew up in rural Oklahoma) and a love/love relationship with original art…so I was thrilled when I found this at my favorite thrift store last night!

art - africa and owl barn wood 006

I was initially drawn in by the owl and the barn wood. Not that I actually have a thing for either they just caught my eye. Then I flipped the thing over and saw this…

art - africa and owl barn wood 009

and this…

art - africa and owl barn wood 008

And I was in love. I paid a mere $3.99 and took it home with me.

My favorite thing to do when I find something like this is go home and research the artist online. Unfortunately, I found nothing on this artist. But I still love the piece and it’s found a home in my entryway right next to my favorite mirror.

Isn’t it funny how art affects us emotionally? Every time I look at that owl and that old torn up wood…I feel happy and free…like a little girl catching frogs and running around barefoot in rural Oklahoma. But I also feel a little anxious about tornadoes.  Hahaha, such is life.